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 Design Services

Half of the Niagara Quality Design Build partnership is an educated and experienced Interior Design consultant. This means that we are able to offer qualified design services that you can either take with you, or allow us to implement.

Design Services à la Carte

We pride ourselves in being able to offer options. In saying this, we allow you to choose how to navigate through the process. Your options are as follows:

1. Hourly Design Consulting

Niagara Quality Design Build will help you navigate through your design decisions without you having to make a commitment to any kind of package. This service is not recommended if you want working drawing or specifications, but instead, to help guide you in a design direction.  

2. Complete Design Package (To Go)

This service will take you from a jumble of ideas in your head to a plan on paper that can be executed. The package will come with a scope of work, a fixed fee and plans/renderings for personal use only. As Niagara Quality Design Build is not executing the plans, we do not specify any raw or finish materials, fixtures or furnishings as part of this package. However, if you would like, for an hourly fee we do offer "shopping" services.

3. Complete Design Package (with Build Services)

​If you should choose to have Niagara Quality Design Build execute the construction of your project, we will provide you with design services  at a discounted rate as part of your project fees. This means you recieve design direction, conceptual drawings, working drawings and final renderings. We also will take care of all specifications of raw and finish material, fixtures and furnishings.