General Contracting

The other half of the Niagara Quality Design Build partnership is an educated and experienced General Carpenter. As a result, we know the build process thoroughly. We are on-site working hands-on, and overseeing all aspects of the project through to completion.

 Project Management

If you should choose to have Niagara Quality Design Build execute your project, you will find that all of the details are taken care of for you. Our project management services include the following items:

1. Permit Acquisition

We will work with your local building department, representing you as an agent to secure any necessary permits to carry out your project. We will also ensure that an electrical permit is acquired with the ESA when required.

2. Utility Management

Niagara Quality Design Build will coordinate with local utility companies and other local authorities to ensure all aspects of your project garner the necessary approvals and licensing.

3. Time Management

​Your time is valuable. We will provide you with a schedule outlining a start date, significant milestones and a completion date. In the event of any unforeseen setbacks, we will always notify you immediately and provide you with an updated schedule. 

4. Trade Management

​We work with a number of qualified tradespeople and labourers that are qualified and insured. This means that we can manage their part in your project and you can sit back and watch it come together.

​5. Budget Management

​Renovations can be expensive to begin with, so having to deal with pop-up expenses can be overwhelming. We are going to sit down with you and go over the dollars of your project in detail, making sure that you know how much it is going to cost to get what you want and need. We are thorough on the front end to help avoid nasty financial surprises whenever possible.

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