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 The Initial Consultation

Niagara Quality Design Build offers all of our potential clients a no-charge initial consultation. The purpose of this first meeting is to spend some time getting to know you, exploring your needs and assessing whether our company is the best fit for your project.

What can you expect from this meeting?

We go into this meeting with goals but little expectation. Each person we meet with is different, each has their own understanding of the design build process, and each has their own unique functional and aesthetic requirements for their home. It is our priority in this first meeting to answer these three questions:

1. Who is our client?

We have the unique desire to get to know our clients. We believe that a persons' background, lifestyle and influences all directly effect their design tastes. We also need to be sure that our clients are comfortable approaching us and letting us know their thoughts.

2. What are the project requirements?

Is this an interior or exterior project? Does your kitchen just need to be refreshed or are we gutting and starting over? We want to make sure you know where you want to end up, so that we can lay out a plan to get you there.

3. Which services will be required to complete the project, and is NQDB the best fit to provide those services?

​Once we have ironed out some of the more major details, we can determine which of our services you will be requiring. Design Build is a process, and while most of our clients require every step, some may not.

How to prepare for the initial consultation

​We truly understand that just starting a design build project can be overwhelming. So rest assured we plan to walk you through the process. We do find it a little easier, however, if you try to prepare yourself for our meeting. Here is some information we hope you come armed with:

1​. Some idea of your tastes - We suggest browsing sites like Houzz and Pinterest to get a feel for what appeals to you. It is also helpful if you have made an "inventory" of sorts of the items that you would really like included in your project.

2. Take some time to think about your daily life - Do you host a lot of dinner parties? Do you watch a lot of television? Do you step out of the shower everyday and think "MY TOES ARE C-C-COLD?"

3. Some idea of a budget - This can be difficult, we know. Especially if you really have no idea about the cost of renovation. The thing is, if you don't know how much you are prepared to spend, we can't tell you if what you want is realistic within your budget. This being only the first time we will be meeting, we promise not to hold you to any numbers.​ 

It is our goal, that this initial consultation let's us know how to move forward.